5 Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

Monday, February 01, 2016

It seems like people are all about downsizing these days, Marie Kondo-ing their closets down to the bare minimum and channel surfing to TV shows like Tiny House Hunters and Tiny House Nation. We love the move toward less wasteful living, but there's no doubt that small spaces pose decorating challenges. Making a small space comfortable to live in, easy to navigate and not too cluttered takes some clever design. Here are a few strategies and key pieces that will help you live well with less square footage:

Focus on Flexible Furniture: Pieces that can play more than one role help save space. Our Pouf Round Ottoman can serve as extra seating, a foot rest or (with a tray on top) a coffee table. 

Fall for a Loveseat: Let's face it, three people almost never sit down on a sofa at once, so why not stick with a love seat? These elegant small-scale sofas seat two comfortably without hogging precious floor space. The Montauk Love Seat offers a whole lot of style in a small package.

Add a See-Through Piece: Accents made of a transparent material like lucite or glass (like the Cylinder Table Lamp) lighten the visual load of a small room. 

Go Mobile: Tables and chairs that are easy to move around are essential for the space-starved. Since the Miller Coffee Table is on wheels you can swiftly put it to the side of the room when you need to clear the floor for an exercise session or dance party.

Reflect Yourself: Mirrors are a tried and true way to add light and visually expand a space. The Wine Barrel Hanging Mirror adds style and sustainability—it's made of a recycled wine barrel!