Birthday Brunch!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Tomorrow is one of our dear friend and beloved leader’s birthday! We have asked him a thousand times what he would like to do to celebrate and this year he wants to just have a little intimate get together as oppose to an all-out event that ends with aspirin and a cold shower! Since being a hostess can sometimes be a bit costly, here are some great options for hosting a birthday brunch without making everyone bring a dish!

Let's start off with the main dishes:

Stuffed French Toast Casserole and doughnut bar

Yogurt Parfait Bar


When you are making the egg bake and French toast casserole, it is a great way to serve a big group without spending a fortune!

With your yogurt parfait bar, purchase a large container of yogurt instead of individual packages and present it in a pretty bowl! Grab a box of granola cereal for the topping.  Put out some fresh strawberries and blueberries next to the other ingredients and the bar is complete! Make sure to lay out some cups and spoons and your guests will love being in control of making their own parfaits!

Moving on to the side dishes:

Fresh Fruit Bowls

Bagels with cream cheese, peanut butter, jams, and butter

Buying some fresh fruit and having it available next to various bagels and scrumptious toppings are a must for brunch!

And the best part, the drinks:

Bloody Mary Bar

Wallet Friendly Mimosas

Coffee and Tea Bar

Purchase some cheap champagne and a gallon of orange juice to give your party a delicious mimosa treat! You might suggest that each guest bring a cheap bottle of champagne just to make sure that you don’t run out of the booze!  For your coffee bar, get a big pot of Joe going and set out some fun creamers and sugar and let your guests make their own signature hot beverage. For the non-coffee drinkers, also set out some tea bags so guests can have options!

Happy Birthday David!!

the pasadena team