Chemical-Free Furniture

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In support of HB 1294 and Chemical-Free furniture.

There has been a lot of info and discussion in the news lately about Chlorinated Tris and  Technical Bulletin 117. TB 117 is an outdated list of requirements regulating the flammability standards of materials used in upholstered furniture. In short, it requires the use of a very toxic chemical treatment on cushions and filling materials in order to make furniture less flammable. The irony is that the supposedly ‘helpful’ chemicals required by TB 117 not only poison our environment and families, but have been linked to cancer, learning disorders, and reduced fertility. Recent tests have also shown that these chemicals become more flammable over time as they break down.

Senator Sharon Nelson proposed an act to modify TB 117 (SB5181, the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act), but it was shut down by the Senate Energy and Environment Committee. Now, a House version of the bill (HB1294) is making it’s way through the committee, hopefully and eventually making it through the Senate.

Cisco is passionate about the safety and health of our families and planet. We are strongly in favor of this new bill, and the lifting of the legislation that requires the unnecessary use of toxic chemicals in our homes. As longtime supporters of chemical-free furniture manufacturing, we have invested countless hours and dollars finding and perfecting new building techniques that allow us to craft safe, comfortable, naturally fire-retardant furniture without using any of these harmful pollutants. Our [Inside Green]® technology was designed expressly for this purpose. By using organic wools, cottons, latex, and other natural ingredients, Cisco can build furniture that will add beauty to your home, not dangerous chemicals and gasses.

Read more about [Inside Green]® at:  www.CiscoHome.net/Inside-Green
 *Every item in the Cisco catalog can be ordered and built using [Inside Green]® technology.