Cisco Pinedo + Cisco Brothers

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Cisco Pinedo + Cisco Brothers

A couple of years ago I bartered with an interior designer client — my graphic design for two of her Cisco Brothers’ chairs. The beauty and comfort of those chairs made me an instant fan. Then I kept noticing blurbs about Cisco popping up in my favorite magazines... Exquisite, sweatshop-free craftsmanship, devotion to South Central LA neighborhood development, serious commitment to sustainability. I was am impressed. 

Cisco Brothers’ founder, Cisco Pinedo, arrived here at age 13 from Jalisco, Mexico. He learned to upholster furniture as a teenager and fell in love with the craft. Today, Cisco has a handful of retail showrooms including a design gallery at ABC Home Furnishings in NYC. Pinedo’s belief is that furniture should be made around the owner’s needs and that it should last a lifetime.

Here are photos of Cisco Pinedo’s home. The house is all about gathering. It’s a place to welcome friends and hang with family. Several walls were removed for a more open layout. Loads of crisp white combined with natural wood. It’s a peaceful interior, an extremely personal space, and very warm and comfortable. 


{ Interiors photos from Sunset magazine; Cisco Brothers’ photos from their website }