Cisco’s Favorite Los Angeles Food

Thursday, May 19, 2016

If our founder Cisco Pinedo hadn’t become a furniture maker he might have been a successful restaurant owner—he’s famous among friends and colleagues for the delicious meals he effortlessly whips up both at his home at on the road at interior design trade shows. But he often doesn’t have time to cook, and relies on some of the great restaurants around Cisco Home’s South LA headquarters, the design district and his Pasadena-area home. We asked Cisco to share a few of his favorite eateries in the city that he loves:

Eggslut:  This all-about-eggs eatery in Grand Central Market is Cisco’s go-to spot for a late breakfast/early lunch. “It’s not a hidden find anymore because it’s become one of the most popular places in downtown LA, but it is delicious and I love the casual atmosphere,” says Cisco. “Plus if the line is way too long you have great alternatives in the Central Market.”

Madcapra: When he’s near the Grand Central Market but isn’t in feeling eggs, Cisco hits this new-school falafel place, where the middle eastern staple is served piled with fresh and pickled vegetables. “Central Market has become LA’s hub for high quality casual food,” he says. 

Mi Casita: This authentic Mexican restaurant is one of Cisco’s favorites. “They make one of the best moles and it’s my favorite place to eat enchiladas! The food is fresh and rich with Mexican ingredients. Do not miss their Chia lemonade.”

El Compadre: “This casual Mexican joint on Florence in the heart of South LA is run by a local family,” says Cisco, and it's his favorite place for ceviche and maybe a beer to go with it.

Papa Cristo’s: One of the oldest Greek restaurants in LA, Papa Cristo’s is beloved for its to-go food. They have a great selection of cheeses and the best greek yogurt in LA. There is something for everyone here.” 

Lukshon: When he’s craving Asian food for lunch, “there is no place better” than this Asian-fusion spot in Culver City. “They have amazing options for vegetarians, and really great fish dishes,” says Cisco. “The lobster roll has a great twist and is to die for, and you have to order the black rice.”

Croft Alley: Tucked away in the design district, Croft Alley on Melrose Place is what Cisco calls a “hidden treasure.” “I love their spontaneous menu based on great produce and seasonal finds at the farmers market. If you are a risotto lover – do not miss it! “

Union: For inventive fine dining close to his Pasadena-area home, Cisco says “There is no better place than Union for the food adventurers. They have amazing pastas and the most delicious mussels!"