Dining Room Decorating: How to Choose the Perfect Chairs for Your Table

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The days when dining room tables and chairs came in matched sets are long gone, which gives you the freedom to be creative with your dining room design. While there are no firm rules about which chairs work with a table, there are a few strategies we share with our clients to ensure their dining rooms look inspiring and feel good for years to come. Here is our advice, and table and chair pairing suggestions to use as inspiration:

Echo, Don't Repeat
The Santomer Dining Table has a bold, organic look that would dwarf dainty chairs. The Fasano Chair echoes the table's strong form but with a curved top and soft fabric that provide balance.

Match Lines, Mix Materials
When the precisely straight lines of tables like the wood and metal Wilcox Dining Table and the wood Block Dining Table are paired with the Bertoli Slipcovered Dining Chairs it creates a seamless aesthetic, but the contrast of the chairs' white slipcovers with the tables' wood or metal elements ensures a multi-textured look.

Different Styles Add Drama
Combining very different styles, such as the clean-lined Gable Dining Table and the curvy and tufted Bo Dining Chairs, creates a chic look as long as both designs have a timeless appeal.