Holiday Ready!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to start making your home guest ready!
The first thing we do to prepare is to give our guest bedroom and bath a good cleaning! Who wants to stay in a not so fresh guest room? I know I don't, so I always make sure to change the linens, dust, and vacuum. 

(bedroom styled by our designer amanda overton)

Here is our little list to help make your guest room top notch! 

1. Have extra blankets and pillows

2. Laundry basket for guest's dirty clothes

3. Coat hangers

4. Cleared out drawers for your guests to use

5. Clean towels

6. Bottles of water and some snacks. 

7. Your wi-fi password

8. Side table with reading lamp

9. Extra toiletries

(bedroom styled by our designer amanda overton)

These simple steps are sure to create a nice and cozy atmosphere that your guests will be sure to remember! Let us help you create your perfect guest room with our complimentary design service! Pop in to Pasadena to get your home guest ready this holiday season!