Introducing Cisco Prints!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We are excited to announce the launch of Cisco Prints, our new line of fabrics designed by Cisco Home Creative Director Maurishka Pinedo. Inspired by traditional textiles from around the world, every fabric in the Cisco Prints line is designed to add a touch of color, pattern and globetrotter style to your home. 

Maurishka and her father, Cisco Home founder Cisco Pinedo, have traveled the globe in search of inspiration for Cisco Home, and love to bring traditional vintage textiles back to Los Angeles to use as upholstery. This collection is Maurishka's interpretation of those textiles and an homage to the craftspeople who make them.

“For years we’ve been collecting vintage textiles to use as upholstery, so we decided to create a line of fabrics inspired by the prints and aesthetic of those gorgeous textiles from around the globe,” says Maurishka. “The textiles we drew inspiration from are traditionally handcrafted by women, and they are fabrics of the common people, so we wanted to celebrate the beauty of that.”

The Karima, Farrah and Medina prints were inspired by the delicately beautiful kilims that Maurishka discovered in the souks of Marrakesh on a recent trip to Morocco, while the Coco and Kayan patterns pay homage to the mud cloth textiles traditionally created by women in western Africa. Many of the prints showcase deep blues with a subtly faded, hand-dyed look, which evoke Burmese indigo textiles.

Printed on sustainable fabrics including organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, Cisco Textiles will be found both on Cisco Home furniture and pillows and available by the yard, so you can use them to create your ideal upholstery, pillows, curtains and more.

We can't wait to see what beautiful things Cisco Home customers create for their homes using Cisco Prints! See how we bring our new creations to life on furniture, pillows and more by following Cisco Home on Facebook and Instagram.