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    Symbol Audio Hi Fi Tabletop Stereo


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    Symbol Audio Hi Fi Tabletop Stereo

    ITEM# 01AV31PB0002

    • As its name suggests the Tabletop HIFI delivers extremely rich hi-fidelity sound in a small footprint. The TT1 is able to delivery this level of audio quality using traditional speaker design not software tricks found in many of today's consumer electronics. The design incorporates two 4" high efficiency full range drivers, with titanium cones, set in dampened cabinets, ported for optimum sound and paired with a down firing 5 1/4"subwoofer to create deep full bass response. The speakers are driven with a highly efficient and compact 2.1 class D amplifier set discreetly into the back of the cabinet. There you will find volume and subwoofer controls and a 3.5mm stereo "Mini-Jack" for audio input options ranging from analog to digital making the Tapletop HIFI a truly limitless sound source. For streaming audio, simply connect a wireless router such as Apple's Airport Express and the TT1 can play directly from your phone, iPod, iPad or computer. Multiple units in different rooms can be linked wirelessly to play together or separately. For a more analog experience simply connect a turntable and enjoy truly distinctive audio. Design by Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond.


      Height Width Depth
      8-1/2" 28-3/4" 9-1/2"


      Reclaimed Brazilian Peroba Rosa Wood, audio equipment


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