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Noblessa Offers the Beautiful Life at Cisco Home in Pasadena. On the cutting edge of German technical excellence and precision, Noblessa is much more than a kitchen manufacturer. Our brand cultivates a luxury vision that is carried forth by the talent of inspired, inventive designers. Expert crafting, premium finishes and optimal quality is our DNA.

As the premiere specialists in interior design and fittings, Noblessa is excited for the first time ever, to offer Cisco Home clients a collection of long-lasting kitchens, built with modern lines from the best German materials.

We invite all Cisco clients to step through the door of our Noblessa Pasadena showroom. Within our space, which is built to inspire you, our experts go beyond the functional aspects of your project to guide you through the steps that bring it to life. This attentive discussion is exclusively oriented to offer you a kitchen that is as unique as you are, down to the finest details.


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“The kitchen allows me to explore in every sense of the word. It is a place where I can experiment... And share the results with my family and friends. That is why I designed my kitchen as more than just a place to cook. I go there to leaf through cookbooks, photo books and architectural books... And time stands still when I’m there. It’s something that I really enjoy.”

Noblessa has been a brand of excellence for high end kitchens since 1996, beloved by clients all over the world. Our premium kitchens are made in our state-of-the-art factories located in Germany, and overseen by expert craftsmen. The perfection of a Noblessa kitchen can be seen in the smallest details. More than a brand, it's a way of life. Noblessa is committed to designing living spaces where elegance and harmony reign supreme – by taking our inspiration from you and your desires. That is who we are.

Noblessa bears the hallmarks of reliability that have built the reputation of German brands globally. Our teams’ involvement, combined with our workshops’ advanced technology, enable us to bring you flawless products. We have extremely high standards for our own work, so that you may expect the same from your kitchen.


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Noblessa advisors transform each stage of your project into an adventure in simplicity and pleasure, working with you and guiding you throughout the entire process. Wherever you are in the remodel journey, our experts are here to help your dreams become reality. Click the link below to schedule your consultation today. 


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