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Stepwise Approach to Mastery: Cisco Pinedo

“It’s a wonderful thing to see that you not only were able to give a job to someone, but to give them an opportunity to learn a craft, that now is theirs” - Cisco Pinedo: On Craftsmanship

Blowing Life into Glass: Jesus Garcia

Meet the master artisan behind the Cisco Home hand blown glass lamps and learn why they are so beautiful and valuable. Learn what is behind the unique textures and light refractions of Cisco’s hand blown glass lighting.

Crafting Wood Responsibly: Pepe Pinedo

“When you are happy with your job and you love what you do, you do it with pride.” Pepe Pinedo: A portrait of a craftsman

Simple Things: Our Extended Family from Texas with Jim Van Antwerp

Jim Van Antwerp from Simple Things talks about his longtime connection with Cisco Pinedo and a few reasons why he stands out within the highly competitive furniture industry.

Metal Bends with Love: Conan Castillo

Conan Castillo from Al’s Furniture & Design shares knowledge about Cisco Home goods carefully handcrafted using repurposed objects and metal with natural coatings.

The opening of the Cisco Home stores in Los Angeles encouraged Conan’s evolution into a craftsman, further consolidating the development of metal and one-of-a-kind furnishings.

Passion & craftsmanship: Jose Galvez

Years of hard work have turned Jose into a great upholsterer who has managed to run his own workshop and fulfill his dream of having his own horses. The upholstery trade and a love for horses turned Jose Galvez into an inspiration to his family and colleagues.

Comfort is a Craft: Gerardo Pinedo

Longtime craftsman and chef Gerardo Pinedo reveals the main ingredients behind the comfortable qualities of Cisco Home furniture.

Cooking Creates Community: Ciscos Kitchen

Cisco Pinedo can make you feel comfortable by sitting in one of his casual sofas or chairs, visiting one of his stores or preparing a delicious meal for you. The Cisco Home showroom in North Carolina comes to life twice a year throughout the High Point Market, the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, when Cisco usually takes over the kitchen to the delight of attendees.

Working with a White Canvas: Mill Village

Maurishka Pinedo, head of product development & merchandising at Cisco Home goes through the process of setting up for the High Point Market, the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world.

The Design of Inspiring Environments: Cisco Pinedo

The founder and CEO of Cisco Home reveals his unique design process, drawing upon raw and reclaimed materials to create inspiring environments.

Giving Back: Refoundry

Cisco Pinedo and longtime friend Tommy Safian founded the non-profit organization Refoundry, based on the Cisco Home work model of training employees to learn a craft and incubate their own business ventures.

Giving Back through META: Making Education the Answer

Through his work with META, Cisco Pinedo acknowledges the support he has received in the past by giving back to the community and making visible the plight of Hispanic youth to achieve a higher education.

Cisco Community

Since a very young age, Cisco has chosen to participate in a positive way in the communities he is part of. He wants to make sure that he is contributing in a bigger way than just making furniture. Cisco has always been involved and present in his community, not only in his own business but also in the way he gives back to the people who need it most.

Cisco Family

It’s a story of a single, pink sofa. And what started as a mother working for free to support her son’s dream, a brother working part-time, and a wife tirelessly supporting her husband after clocking out from her own job would soon become a growing family, the Cisco Family. 

Sustainability Matters

Cisco offers the peace of mind that the furniture you own is not only the best looking and feeling, but the absolute best you can get for your health and the comfort of your home.