Cisco Pinedo 1963-2023

Cisco Pinedo, entrepreneur and furniture designer, died of a heart attack while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on February 11th, 2023 . He was 59. What Cisco was able to pack into his life is almost impossible to capture. His drive was fueled by his pursuit and achievement of the American dream. 


Cisco Pinedo Smiling


Eulogy by Ron Meraz, Longtime friend of Cisco

Writing a Eulogy is one of the highest honors you will have in life.


Look around, we are in one of the most amazing cathedrals in the world made by master craftsmen, in one of the most amazing cities in the world built by immigrants honoring an amazing man who was both a master craftsman and an immigrant. 


I personally first saw Cisco on a flight back from NYC in a Readers Digest article.
And I knew I had to meet him and that’s how it started 25 plus years ago. 


So, Who was this man?

In our conversation we used to call ourselves a couple little Mexican boys who got lucky.  So, he was just a little Mexican boy from a very small village in Jalisco which I really believe gave him the foundation to be who he was. 


He was man of Humility - He never forgot where he came from.
He was born with a SMILE that when he smiled you could see how big his heart was and folks it was as big as this Cathedral.


He was a Man of Courage - he had no fear- Can you imagine coming to this country by yourself at the age of 12?


He was a Natural Born Leader- with a CHARISMA that was second to none.
He was the hardest working man I knew.
He was a man that saw no boundaries- HE GOT IT DONE!
He was competitive, and he beat you with a smile.
He was a Visionary.
He was a Success beyond belief in the amount of people he impacted.
He saw only the Best in People.
He never Settled - and reinforced that by pointing to Alba and winning her Heart!
He was the Big Brother.
He was a MAMA’s Boy!


So, what did he do? 

Alba, Mauri, Natalie, and Amanda


He Lived!

He lived life like no other.
He lived in the moment more than anyone I know- you FELT his energy. 


He Loved!

We can all learn from how he loved!
He loved you Alba, boy did he LOVE YOU!
He loved his girls and boy did he love his granddaughter, Mara.
He loved his Family.
And he loved his Friends!


He Lived, he Loved and He Left his Legacy.

He left his legacy with his three amazing Daughters- The young women you have become made him so proud! 


He left his Legacy in his industry! Not just locally or nationally but internationally.
But he gave that credit to Alba, who was always in the office, his brothers Pepe, Martin, Chavo, sister Rosie, and his half-sister Selena who he loved so much!
He was a Pioneer in so many ways from being the first to use sustainable materials in what he built. 


He left his Legacy in the communities he created.
He was a firm believer that community was differentiator.
He did it with META and supporting all these young kids getting support to going to college.
He did with you, Tommy with Refoundry and helping these extraordinary people.
He did it around kitchens in High Point, Round Top, Texas and at his Home!


Ladies and Gentlemen  



Cathedral Our Lady of the Angels
Los Angeles
February 27th, 2023



Cisco Stories


April 14th, 2023

"I first learned about Cisco Home by watching Artesanos on PBS, so when Cisco himself came into my shop a few years ago, I recognized him right away. After a few minutes of chatting, he purchased some bottles and left me with a few words of encouragement since my wine shop was quite new then. For the past few years, he continued to support my business and kept encouraging me to keep going. His positive energy and bright smile filled the shop each time he would stop by. I’ve met his daughter Natalie and both of them became regular customers stopping by frequently to pick up some bottles for family gatherings or work events. In these few years of knowing Cisco, he earned my admiration and respect. I admire how he was able to build a quality business with honesty and humility. Not only is he a loss to his loved ones, but to the entire city of Los Angeles."

- Alvaro Cardenas Wine Stop