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31 Westgate Design Studio

Whether restoring a historic property or renovating and improving homes, 31 Westgate Design Studio works diligently to fulfill their client’s dreams while delivering the very best craftsmanship, artistry and materials.

"Our client approached us to review a home they had purchased and required a renovation. They had hired an architect and wanted us to review the interior and assist with furniture. The property is set in the charming village of Chester, Nova Scotia. We have many clients who have second homes and cottages. Chester is one of North America’s sailing capitals and is surrounded by 365 islands.


We had an early meeting on site and left to explore the house and garden. The home was built in 1920’s in the craftsman style. The house still had its original layout with mismatched wood and painted floors. It was decorated with heavy colors which chopped out the rooms making the home feel smaller.


The architects concept was to cut large openings into the rooms, remove walls and insert glass sliding walls at the back of the house. The client had hired the architect previously on a new build project which was stunning. They were nervous about altering the style of the house and losing its original charm."


Interior home with two sofas facing each other


"We advised the client that we could make changes to the uses of the rooms, lighten the palette, provide better flow and a more continuous feeling to the home without a full-scale renovation. We loved the original floor plan and the classic lines. A new kitchen and bathrooms that echoed the history of the home would complete the project.


Once the changes were complete the upholstery had to be Cisco Home. The pieces provided the relaxed seaside vibe we wanted to achieve. Slipcovers in white denim and linens provided a relaxed practical comfort to the home. Swivel chairs provided access to ocean views and great conversations. Matching Seda sofas and a repurposed coffee table painted off-white flank the fireplace in the main sitting room. The Vista sectional was the perfect fit for the TV room."


interior with two white arm chairs


Ken & Colin were connected to the world of Cisco Home more than a decade ago at High Point, North Carolina through their design peers. Cultivating a personal relationship with Cisco, they were able to introduce the natural materials and the commitment to the environment through Ciscos designs to the Canadian East Coast. "It was difficult to find a custom upholstery manufacturer that offered such a range of classic frames and natural fabrics” Ken McRobbie explained, "Cisco fits perfectly with the relaxed east coast aesthetic. Clients fall in love with the honest conversation and easy comfort.”


portrait of Ken and Collin


Throughout the 10 plus years of 31 Westgate Design Studio & Showroom, the Madeleine chair, Donato, and Seda collections have been not only favorites by the designers, but to their clients too. The classic shapes and elegantly slipcovered pieces available in a rage of natural materials such as white denim and light linens have aided in the conceptualization of classic and casual coastal design.


How/where did you get to know Cisco?

We were introduced to Cisco at High Point Market through design friends.


How long have you been working with Cisco?

Ten Years


Why you like working with the brand?

Natural materials and their commitment to the environment. It was difficult to find a custom upholstery manufacturer that offered such a range of classic frames and natural fabrics. We love using John Derian’s pieces in our work as well as the mid century inspired frames in the line.


What are your favorite Cisco pieces?

The Madeleine Chair, the Donato and the Seda.


How did you achieve the seaside classic look with Cisco items?

Using slipcovered pieces in white denim and light linens.


How does Cisco relate to your work in the East Coast?

Cisco fits perfectly with the relaxed East Coast aesthetic. Clients fall in love with the honest conversation and easy comfort.


Interior Wall with two candle sticks and three hand painted plates in the wall


Photographer: Janet Kimber

Instagram: @kimberphotog

Website: janetkimber.com


"Everything has its beauty, everything has its secret, everything has its little miracle to reveal. I'm always trying to capture that." - Janet Kimber


Originally from Halifax, now living in Toronto, Janet travels the country photographing architecture and interior design.