Lombardy House

Lombardy House

My client had a dream and a vision for finding an old world house she could remodel. She had been looking for years. And then she found Lombardy House in Pasadena, a 1928 Italian Revival estate designed by Lawrence C. Test.

This stunning house had not been updated in decades, literally walls still covered in fading red velvet fabric, dark paneling, multiple rooms, narrow hallways and repeated doors with butler's pantry and service quarters. This house was old and nostalgic, it was perfect! Exactly the house to reinvent for the new century in design and modern living. 


Lumbardy House under construction


With a nod to the past, I was influenced with old world finishes and textures like mixing vintage French antiques, aged oak cabinets and antique rugs with dark indigo velvets and textiles designed by Maurishka Pinedo. To add a modern edge, I contrasted the dark and lush upholstery with light ivory-colored walls and natural floors. This dark and light contrasting palette would be continuous throughout the house to evoke a sense of quiet, almost restrained beauty. Natural and minimal with a focus on the classic furniture silhouettes and mix of textiles to express the mood and feeling for each room. 


living room with white sofa, lounge chair and grand piano


Cisco Home, the master craftsman of heirloom-built upholstery goods and artisan lighting would be the perfect resource for the entire 9,000 square foot residence. Cisco’s eclectic mix of vintage goods, bench crafted upholstery and handmade lighting would tell the story and evoke the feeling I envisioned. I worked with Cisco Home over a 14-month period, customizing each individual piece. While all these beautiful handmade goods were in production, I was busy ensuring the artisan crafted lighting, all handmade in Los Angeles by Cisco Home, would be placed in the precise location throughout the house.


hall way under construction


After a year of construction, installation day was a dream! It was the design vision I had from the first moment I walked through the doors of Lombardy House. A relaxing, inviting, sophisticated residence blending classic design integrity with an eclectic twist for an active young family.


dining table withe glass pendants and a hall way with arches

bed in light filled room and pendant glass lighting


Lombardy House 2018
Amanda Overton
Overton House Design