Porch Talk House Project

Porch Talk House Project

Colors and lights are a crucial aspect of design. It defines unity and creates intended moods. Meet an Architect - Interior Designer duo who share their experience working with Cisco lighting on this Seaside Park, NJ project, and how our handblown Jug Lamps created magic in this family home.

Richard Bubnowki, Architect

Without natural or man-made light, other design aspects can’t shine to their full potential. Light has the ability to set the atmosphere of any living space. Learn more about Richard Bubnowski’s ‘Porch Talk Project’ and how they use our hand-blown Jug Lights made in our California's makers’ studio to achieve an almost magical effect in conversation with the landscape. This 3015 sq. ft. project is based in Seaside Park, New Jersey (General Contractor: Monetti Custom Homes)


Designing the interior stair for our “Porch Talk” project: 


"The architecture was already set, but we needed a fixture that would not only enhance the space, but also hold a profound meaning to the overall project. 


After listening to a story about our client’s family, Christina Kim chose a hanging fixture with 6 hand-blown glass Jugs, each one of a different size and color, symbolizing each member of the family. 


The hand-blown glass Jugs create a bit of kaleidoscope effect when looking through them, to the blue, green, and beige hues of the surrounding landscape."  

- Richard Bubnowski

 jug light cluster

Christina Kim, Interior Designer


Colors are a crucial aspect of design. It defines unity and creates intended moods. Interior Designer Christina Kim highlights her use of color when designing modern beach houses. Her attention to details using our light fixtures explores lighting beyond its functional purpose. 


"My firm specializes in modern beach houses so my designs tend to be warm, soft, and modern. I’m always after the organic edge, whether it’s a sofa fabric, art or lighting. This fixture was perfect because of the watery quality of the hand-blown glass. The ocean is right outside! I love the relaxed organic feeling Cisco brings. It’s perfect for what we do."

- Christina Kim


Cristina Kim Portrait


Architect: Rich Bubnowski Design (@richard_bubnowki_design)
Interior Designer: Christina Kim Interior Design (@ckiminteriordesign)
Portrait: Raquel Langworthy (@raquellangworthy.photo)
Lifestyle Photography: Patricia Burke (@PatriciaBurkeHome)