An Interview with Lance Terrile

interior shot of a white Cisco bed with side tables and glass cylinder table lamps

Lance Terrile is our Showroom Manager in Culver City and oversees all sales for Los Angeles. He has been with Cisco Home for 7 years and is a true passionate Interior Designer who will make the process so easy for you. And yes, he is a fan of London!

Tell us about yourself and you work at Cisco?


I am an LA native, I have been in sales and management for 37 years now and the last 22 years have been in the interior design trade in sales and also as a professional Interior Designer since 2006. I have been with Cisco seven years and just recently taken on the management of the Culver Showroom and the LA market.


What are you passionate about?


I am passionate about creating beautiful spaces that are stylish and comfortable, to me design should make you happy the minute you walk through the door, I am obsessed with color. I love going the extra mile for a client and knowing that when they leave they are happy, to hear a client rave about how well their pieces turned out is such a thrill to me. Oh yeah and London! If you know me it’s everything and home to me.


lance terrile


Tell us about your favorite Cisco piece and why it is your favorite?


My favorite piece would the Stewart Sofa it’s such a gorgeous silhouette that can fit into any design style and always looks amazing.


Stewart sofas


What is your favorite part of working in the Cisco team?


I would have to say that it’s a family owned company and that you feel part of the family from day one.


Where is your favorite Culver City spot?


Pinches Tacos has been a long time favorite of mine going back to 2010, if you have the fish burrito you will know why.


restaurant seating

What is the most important decision is buying a piece of furniture?


I think making sure you give thought to how will I feel about this choice a few years down the road, will I regret the fabric choice and most of all scale, if it ends up overpowering the room you will regret the purchase every time you look at it.


What is our favorite thing to hear from your customers?

That I made the process wonderful and easy for them, at the end of the day it’s that which puts a smile on my face and makes me proud of what I do.


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Cisco Store interior with sofas and chairs