Cisco travels to Guatemala

Cisco travels to Guatemala

“It's a dream to work with family businesses like Cisco, those that produce objects mindfully that are good for our customers, our communities and the environment” (Wahil)

Right before the pandemic, Patti Carpenter (@pattitrendscope) took us on a guided tour of Guatemala. Throughout her travels, she has gotten the lay of the land, meeting its craftsman, makers, artisans, textures and colors.

split shot of yellow building on the left and man in fabric room smiling

After introducing us to Wayil (@wayilbyalgodonesmayas), we knew we needed their Algodones Maya (Mayan Cotton) for our furniture pieces. ⁠

split shot of recycled fabric on left and three people looking at fabric on right


We were so enthusiastic about their new denim project – a textile collection made from upcycled denim to make the blue colors and native cottons, lxcaco, Cuyuscate and Jade cotton to create the whites, naturals, and browns. We learned their native cottons almost went extinct in the 90s, and they made it their mission to preserve Guatemala’s natural cotton colors.⁠

split shot of raw cotton on left and bundles on right


It is important for us to partner with organizations with purposeful creativity like Wayil. Since our first meeting, we've curated a selection of four designs - Rayas Noire, Rayas Indigo, Rayas Fino and Rayas Denim just for you, your home, and the environment.⁠ And because we like stories that have more than one chapter, we will be announcing more exciting news soon!

split image of a detail of a chair on the left and a pulled out shot of the same chair on the right

The finished product never disappoints. It is an eye catcher and a showstopper like seen here on the Springfield Sofa, the Piper Chair and the Acacia Chair close up.


sofa in striped fabric with two painting on the wall behind the sofa