Round Top Here We Come

night shot of a remodeled red barn and a large tree in the center

We are happy to announce our new Cisco Home showroom at Round Top, Texas! Years of hunting for one-of-a-kind antiques and treasures to re-purpose at the semi-annual Antiques Fair has brought Cisco & Maurishka, adventure, inspiration, and lasting friendships over the years. We are excited to join a show with such rich history.    

Cisco Home has now officially set up shop in Round Top, Texas!

Portrait of Cisco and Mauri


What is Round Top?


Round Top is a town in Fayette County, Texas about 100 miles from both Austin and Houston. With a population 90, you might call it a “small” town, but there’s nothing small about the skies, cows, and people that make up the town year-round. Originally named Townsend after Nathaniel Townsend in the 1800s, the town was easily found by horse-and-buggy travelers told to look for the round-topped post office in town, earning it the nickname “Round Top”. A few decades later, the nickname stuck, and the rest, as they say, is history.  


round top showroom interior full of furniture


The Round Top Antiques Fair was founded in 1968 at the “Big Red Barn” originally hosted for a two-day period. Over 50+ years, the show has grown, transforming and defining the local community becoming larger than life. Now it spans over 40,000 square feet for three weeks, includes neighboring towns La Grange and Warrenton, with many makers, traders and collectors presenting in permanent showrooms and pop-up tents on the open fields. You can find anything from grandmothers’ trinkets, quality European antiques, artisan imports, but the Fair remains rooted in Americana relics. 


Our love of shopping at the Antiques Fair sparked a desire to bring our own craftsmanship to the show. With a wide range of customers from locals searching for the perfect piece for their home to dealers to renowned interior designers, we hope to bring a missing piece to Round Top: American-made upholstery.  


weathered green doors next to antique windmill


This year, we are joined by some of our favorite collaborators. 


Asia Minor Rugs 
Bobo Intriguing Objects
La Tiendita Gifts & Coffee 


See you soon!


Cisco Home Round Top

1350 N State Highway 237 Round Top, TX 78954

March 25 – April 4 

Open from 10am to whenever we feel like it.