upcoming sustainability events

upcoming sustainability events

As a founding partner of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC), we start everything we do with sustainability in mind.

We are honored to be part of “Sustainability Stories”, a series of events, talks and festivities happening this High Point October Market at Center Stage. The High Point Market Authority will highlight the vital role the home furnishings industry is playing in the sustainability sector by telling the stories of manufacturers, designers, and other insiders in an immersive experience. 


Cisco Pinedo will be part of a panel on Sustainability called “The Big Shift” on Friday, October 15 at 2pm. 

Portrait of Cisco Pinedo


The Big Shift: Why Circular Design is the Way of the Future
The next generation of consumers are more mindful about the environment and climate change than ever before, and demand is high for the furnishings industry to shift from the linear make-take-toss lifecycle into more circular and sustainable practices. Join circular design expert Laurence Carr, as she hosts a lively discussion with industry pioneers and manufacturers, including Susan Inglis (SFC), Kathryn Richardson (Libeco), Cisco Pinedo (Cisco Home), and Chad Bolick (Unifi) who seek to replace the end-of-life concept with upcycling, shift toward renewable energy, reduce carbon emission, eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, and importantly, aim to eliminate waste.


Cisco Home will be included in the “Sustainable Room Designs”, spaces that elegantly incorporate sustainable elements and designed by Laurence Carr and Jennifer Levy

 Portraits of Carr and Levy


Laurence Carr, best known as a leader in regenerative design, creates luxury environments that focus on health, wellness and sustainability. She chose for this room our Richard Sofa , Richard Armchair and Parsons Coffee Table. The Richard Sofa and Armchair from Cisco Home are crafted from FSC-certified wood, filled with Lenzing TENCEL™ Lyocell Fibers crafted in their unique closed-loop process, and upholstered in Libeco's highly-renewable, zero-waste Belgian flax linen. 


Lastly, we are highlighting one of our top sellers in partnership with Crypton in the “Sustainability Storyboards “at Center Stage. 


Crypton home fabric logo


Crypton is launching a new performance cotton made with 50-70% recycled garment yarn, GREENGUARD Gold certified and made in the USA, making it a perfect fit for our beloved Rebecca Chair and many other Cisco Home pieces.


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