Faux Feather

Faux feather is a synthetic alternative to our feather down option. It is made of 100% polyester fibers. The soft fiber creates the ultimate down-like sitting experience. We recommend this option for those that are allergic to feathers, but still want the luxurious feel of the Feather/Down option that our basic Soft-Fill does not provide. The seat consists of the same foam core insert used in Soft-Fill cushions, but instead of the two layers of polyester fiber wrap it is surrounded by a channeled envelope filled with polyester fibers.

Faux feather Diagram

Topper (Item Specific)

Our Topper is a slim loose cushion made with 10/90 feathers and down. Because it is designed to be a floppy cloud-like look it does not have a foam core and appears to be under stuffed.

Topper Fill Diagram