Blue sofa in front of a wood wall. Photographed in Brevard Slate.
 Blue sofa in front of a wood wall with 2 white chairs and a grey leather bench. Photographed in Brevard Slate.

Photographed in Brevard Slate.

 The Hazel sofa is slipcovered in Velluto Stone in front of a wood wall with a square mirror with a fabric frame. There are lots of small lights hanging and 2 Cylinder lamps on each side of the sofa. Photographed in Velluto Stone.

Photographed in Velluto Stone.

 Daytime in a showroom with large windows and brick wall. The Hazel sofa is slipcovered in Quixote Oatmeal, with 2 Hazel Chairs on each side, also slipcovered in a white linen. The coffee table is rectangular with a mirror top. There is a floor lamp with multiple branches on the left and a Ramo chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Photographed in Brevard Burlap.

Photographed in Brevard Burlap.

 Blue sofa in front of a wood wall. Photographed in Brevard Slate.

Photographed in Brevard Slate.

 The Hazel loveseat is upholstered in Lacey French Rose with a cantilever side table in front. There is a vase with flowers and glasses on the table. The background is a wall with vintage pink sunscreens.  Photographed in Lacey French Rose.

Photographed in Lacey French Rose.

Hazel Sofa

Item number: HAZ-SOF-078

With pleats on the arms and a comfortable bench seat, the Hazel effortlessly combines style and serenity. This sofa is guaranteed to make your living room look comfortable and cozy. Ideal spot to catch a breath during your weekday rush, or to enjoy a movie marathon during your weekend lounging.


Overall: 78"w 42"d 33"h

Sitting Space: 68"w x 23"d

Seat Height: 20"h

Arm Height: 23"h

Weight: 140 lbs


Sleeper: n/a

Upholstered: Yes

Slipcovered: Yes

Customizable: Yes

Inside Green Available: Yes


Leg: 3.5"h

Removable: Yes

When Slipcovered: Button

When Upholstered: Button

Finish: Maple Wood with Umber Stain


Seat Cushion: Bench Topper (no core)

Back Cushion: 2 Back Cushions

Accent Pillows Included: Two

Skirt When Slipcovered: 2" Slit


Fabric: 17 yards (may vary)

Leather: n/a


Frame: FSC® Certified Hard Wood

Support: Webbing

Made in: USA

What is Inside Green™?

Cisco’s Inside Green™ is the ultimate choice for natural healthy furniture. It is our uniquely smart, healthy, responsible, alternative method of building furniture made entirely from FSC® Woods, Organic Latex, Jute, Hemp, Wool, Organic Feathers and Down. These natural materials are not only superior in terms of comfort and lifespan, but are inherently flame retardant without the use of chemicals. Every product in the Cisco line can be ordered and built Inside Green™.

What Is “Organic” Furniture, and Why Is It Important?

The dictionary defines organic as: relating to, or derived from living organisms; simple, healthful, close to nature; relating to or affecting organs or an organ of the body. We’ve all come to understand and appreciate these terms when relating to food and medicine, but the same principles and awareness are rarely placed on the furniture that we fill our homes with. Our goal at Cisco is to build furniture that is made as healthy as possible. We acquire our raw materials from only the finest organic and sustainable sources. Cisco works exclusively with vendors who practice humane and fair trade business, and is extremely selective when it comes to choosing materials.