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Our Journal is a place where we want to share what inspires us, motivates us, a place where we would like invite you to come behind the scenes, join us at an event, read about us in a press article, or see what’s cooking at Cisco.

For the love of food

Cisco Pinedo stands in the kitchen, mulling over the ingredients in front of him. There’s fresh, green parsley, a spring onion, and a crisp fennel bulb. He’s making a springtime favorite: a refreshing mung bean salad. He picked up the ingredients at a local farmer’s market earlier that afternoon but advises it’s best to go at the end of the day to get the best deals.

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Libeco and Cisco

Libeco is the largest flax weaving mill in Belgium and is ranked among the largest linen manufacturers in Europe. Cisco has been working with Libeco for many years, developing a strong relationship with the top linen manufacturer in the world.

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Spring Cleaning Event

How your possessions are organized is key to creating the relaxed and inspiring environment you desire. Please join Cisco Home and Certified Professional Organizer® Shara Kay for a soiree to set you up for spring cleaning success. We'll talk about common organizing challenges and how to tackle them, including eco-friendly resources for letting go of unwanted items. Discover a basic method for organizing anything from papers to pantries, and some favorite products used by professional organizers.

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