Inspiring Spaces

Inspiring Spaces is where we promote designers, architects, and others who use Cisco products throughout their home. We’re highlighting the real people who make up the Cisco family. We look forward to sharing your story in order to inspire the future of Cisco Home.

Jon Batiste and Suleika Jaouad 1890s Brooklyn Home

After visiting over 70 properties, Suleika Jaouad saw a 1890s Italian-style building in Brooklyn that offered all the attributes to hold the music quarters for Jon Batiste to play and record, and for Suleika to write and create in silence, she knew it was their home. The offer was made without a minute of doubt. The result is a home filled with beautiful furniture and objects, including many John Derian pieces.

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Pasadena Showcase House

The Pasadena Showcase House of Design 2023, is now open and on view through May 21.

Cisco Home is proud to participate in this 2023 edition in collaboration with designer Kirsten Poole from KMP Interiors, who created the kitchen and family room.

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 Interior with arm chair and ottoman. Window with bench

Meg McSherry Interiors

A family of four with two dogs commissioned the construction of a new "forever home" near Boston, with a focus on natural light and a calming atmosphere. The interior design utilized neutral colors, natural materials, comfortable furniture and organic textiles, creating a warm and inviting space.

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31 Westgate Design Studio

Whether restoring a historic property or renovating and improving homes, 31 Westgate Design Studio works diligently to fulfill their client’s dreams while delivering the very best craftsmanship, artistry and materials.

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Melinda Mandell

For this project, a 1920s Tudor Revival style home in Palo Alto, CA, a big priority was providing enough seating both for quiet afternoons reading, and for hosting packed bookclub nights.

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